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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Leaky pipe fix w/silicone tape

Yesterday I noticed that there was a pin-hole leak in a water pipe in the well room.

A very tiny leak in a very short pipe and to replace it would involve taking out a lot more pipe just to get at it.  And the pipes that would need to be removed are old and so are the pipes they are attached to.

Trust me, it's never a good thing to knock old plumbing if you don't have to.
Yesterday it was just a drip.  That's what buckets are for.

It was dripping a little faster today.  Hmmm.  Didn't I see something on TV about this kind of stuff?

Oh yeah.  Silicone tape.  I ran out and got a roll.

It's just straight silicone on a cellophane backing.  You peel off the cellophane and wind the tape around the pipe, overlapping it as you go.  No prob.

I wiped off the pipe.  It no longer leaked.  It sprayed!   OH CRAP.

I started winding tape pronto.  There.  No spray.  But the tape leaked like crazy.

Wha?  Maybe more tape.  I wound around another layer. Still leaked.  More tape.  Leak.  This stuff is crap!

At least I got it so it only leaked on both ends. Exasperated, I tried a final option.


Hmmm.  Ooooooh.  For pressure leaks, pull tape to AT LEAST double it's length as you wind around pipe.  

Let's try that.  I added another layer, starting all the way up and around the joints of the adjointing fixtures.  I pulled like crazy, which was hard to do since there was only 3 inches of space behind the pipe.

There.  Layer 4 (or was it 5) was the lucky charm.  No leak.  None.  Nada.

Well now.  Next time I'll read the instructions FIRST.  But then, how would I ever learn these little lessons.  *sigh*

The pipes will have to be replaced, but at least not in a knee-jerk response, thankfully.

How about you?  Have you tried this stuff?  There are many brands out there and I'm looking forward to try this on Mom's garden hose this summer....

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Monday, December 21, 2015

RO repair & update

In early September the RO water started to smell bad.  Really.  One day it was okay and then, after a weekend of not using it, the water was smelly.  I called my guy.  He came right out.  

He smelled the water at the faucet and we went downstairs.  Just what he suspected, the old metal pressure tank was leaking through the bladder.  Algae, etc had taken hold.

He was prepared for the worst (after all, the system was nearly 10 years old at this point and the metal tanks had long since been replaced with non-corroding plastic) and had brought all new equipment.  

In no time I had a new tank and new filters.  Yay.

"Yay" lasted about a month.  The funky smell came back.  So did my guy.  He brought along another tank and decided to just go ahead and install it even though the previous tank seemed ok.  And this time he gave the faucet/fridge line a squirt of bleach.   Again, Yay!

But Yay still didn't stay.  In November I noticed a slight odor that would come and go at the sink faucet.  Somedays it was apparant.  Some not.  It nagged at me.  

It should be fine!  Then last week I took a long Q-tip dipped in bleach and swabbed out the faucet.  It came out black.  Eeeew.  I called my guy.  And again, he came right out.  (He's known me for years and knows I don't cry wolf.)

This time I ventured that there is still some algae in the lines.  We should either replace them or chlorinate them really well this time, not just a quick squirt.  We decided to try the latter first.

Today he brought a spare filter.  We soaked the filter in the canister with bleach, then hooked the bleach filter up to the pressurized tank (bypassing any RO process).  Then we opened the kitchen faucet until I smelled bleach.  Turned it off.  Then I allowed the fridge to make ice until a melted cube smelled of bleach.  Then I turned off the ice maker.  Now the lines are filled with chlorinated water and will sit for 24 hours.

Meanwhile, RO continued to make water and the disconnected line fed into the drain.  Didn't care for that (makes the well pump run too much), so I turned off the feed from the water softener.  Now all is quiet.  No RO process, no ice making, no sink faucet use.  

By Tuesday afternoon, I'll run the faucet a bit, then disconnect the extra bleach canister and re-connect the lines where they need to go.  I'll keep ya posted.

P.S. After the initial replacement in September, my guy has never charged me a cent.  He stands by his work; the last of a dying breed. 

=========== 26 hours later ====== >

Lines back where they belong, faucet flushed, no odor.  Ice needs another 2 cycles to flush bleach.  We'll see how things shake out in the long run.  Stay tuned.


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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Decoration day ... purge-style

My friend and his wife came over and while he was busy chainsawing the stump in the stump bed, she and I packed up ALL the decorations and brought them downstairs.

Between them and their grown kids, the stuff will get good use.

And I have space in the upstairs bedroom again to stage more stuff.

Next up:


Stay tuned.

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